Course Description

There are many resources designed to address parenting children before they turn 21 or go off on their own. There are few that discuss what it means to relate to your children after they read the age of adulthood. Most of us know that "parenting" doesn't actually end when your child gets a job, gets married, moves out of the house, all or none of the above. As the old saying goes you will never be happier than your least happy child. 

Even though you may not live in the same home, city or country as your child your relationship is more complex than it has ever been because the life of your child is more complex than it was when they were a toddler or a school ager. The purpose of this course is to talk about the issues within the relationship from a Christian perspective. The goal will be to help parents create healthy and productive relationships with their children of any age and manage their own emotions surrounding these relationships. 

We start this course asking why this is so difficulty and also so common. Below is a video introduction. You can find a text introduction here

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: December 3 at 12:30pm.