A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. Slowly building the church of God in the world his Son came to rescue



We are Reformed


Christians believe that God has revealed himself in the person of Jesus Christ and the Bible teaches us about him. Because of this we are serious students of the Bible who value honest exploration and discussion. Most of the program of Living Stones is about learning the Bible and working together to figure out what it means for our lives now

Christianity is the largest world religion. Imagine it as a great tree and in that tree there are a number of major branches. We are part of the Reformed branch. 




We are Personal

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

If you visit will have a name, not a number at Living Stones. We value face to face community. We will not crowd you or demand to be in your business. This is about learning to share with each other, with respect, at each person's own pace. We open up to each other as we grow together.

Many visitors are surprised by our diversity. There are rich and poor, nearly every skin color, old and young, formally educated and those who have learned the hard lessons of life. 




We Persevere 


We've been ministering at 1390 Florin Road, Sacramento CA 95822 for over 50 years. We are small yet hundreds have come through our doors to love and be loved a few at a time. 

We believe community takes time. In many ways we are a slow church, doing this before anyone wrote a book about it. You will not be rushed into anything. You will be invited and in time you may discover this is the family and spiritual home you've been looking for. It may take some perseverance in your part too.  

Our members come not just from Florin/Meadowview area but from Pocket/Greenhaven, Land Park, Elk Grove, Arden, Davis, Woodland and beyond.  We are three blocks east off I-5 on the south side of Florin Road. See our Find Us page for a map.